lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

All about english people by me

By writing this post, my intention is not making fun of English people but talking (from my own experience) about how they are, act or think. I've tried to put some sense of humour while writing this. Obviously we all don't have the same sense of humour so whoever is reading this, please don't get me wrong. This is not a try to laugh at English people. I hope you like it because I've been all day long writing it. No kidding.

Everybody knows English people are probably the politest over the world. Well, let's be honest, they actually are 100% the politest. Aren't they? Anyway, the point is there are a few things they usually do or some ways they act that I can't really understand, don't agree with, or just think they're funny. Let's list some of them:

1.- Not using servilletas while eating. I mean, i don't even know what they're called in English but I didn't bother to google it either. It's just easier to use my arm or shirt sleeve.

2.- Pretending to like EVERYONE. This is simply simple. You can't like everybody. Everybody can't like you. It's just like that.

3.- Not being warm to people no matter for how long you've known them. Alright, maybe it's me (???¿) But honestly, the only hugs I got from English people are those they give when greeting and like:

4.- Not saying hi when seeing someone they see everyday though they don't really know him/her, or just pretending they didn't see them. That's like not very polite guys! Is it?
5.- Not saying your thoughts or feelings about something or someone just to be "nice" or not hurt someone's feelings. Oh, come on! It's ok to express how you feel and what you think. Just do it in a polite way. I know you guys can do it!

6.- Asking how are you or are you alright every time you see someone though you don't really care. I mean, I'll tell you my whole life if you ask, so if you don't want a real answer, honestly, just don't bother to ask 'cause
7.- Not being bothered by anything like:

8.- Talking to you so fast so that you don't understand a word because they take for granted everybody can speak English. And you are like:

9.- Thinking Portugal is Spain...

10.- Thinking paella is something like risotto...


There are completely different people all around the world, and every country has got a different lifestyle, personality and way of thinking which I think is great. I have no intention to laugh at them or make fun of them by writing this post.

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